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Ballon Arch – Family

This beautiful family asked me to photography them as a family, as they dint have many photos of them together as on was always behind the camera taking the photo.

Family photos are so special and they capture the milestones you take as a family and are a beautiful way to document your little one growing up to starting a family of their own and all the beautiful moments in-between.

Cake Smash

not that any of us need an excuse to smash our face in a cake but you birthday is probably one of the best excuses you could have and what a fun way to celebrate!

Mommy and Me Lavender Session – Natasha

Mommy and me session, such a beautiful way to celebrate the bond between mother and child.

Beautiful mommy, Natasha and her lovely daughter Mikaela, they had their lavender mini-session on a perfect sunny day, it truly was a picture perfect day with such a photogenic pair too. I loved every moment from capturing their bond to post production.

As a photographer this is just one of the beautiful bonds I am blesses to witness and capture for the wonderful people I work with.

Pets – Kate & Storm

As an animal lover I fell head over heals involve with Storm, she is such a well behaved little girl and her pet session was one of the easies photoshoots I have ever done.

Storm and Kate are such a well suited pair, the love they share for each other is beyond words and you can see their connection in every look they share and each command Storm obeys.

I couldn’t have asked for a better photoshoot to start of with after moving to the United Kingdom. I could spend all day every day photographing owners and their pets, each one shares such a special connection beyond words. I truly believe animals have the purest of souls and this is shown in their unconditional love for us.